Have an idea? No problem! Send us a message outlining the video in this specific order. Please be short and specific.

Set up your match!

- Length of the video (15 minute maximum)
- Performers
- Brief Storyline (should be a paragraph at most)
- Outcome of video
- 3 to 5 moves to be used and by who

Example of a good outline of moves:

  1. Test of Strength
  2. Full Nelson
  3. Bodyscissor
  4. Crossbody pin (finish)

Example of a bad outline of moves:

  • Match starts off with a stare down, followed by each person saying "insert quote) (insert response) then so and so locks the opponent in a headlock and proceed to say (quote" then brings to the ground for kneeling head lock. Then goes for a pin, but pulls back for a two count and then proceeds to bring them up for a test of strength but then a reversal and a trade of shots.....though we can appreciate the script and fantasy, this is too much to have to learn, rehearse, re-shoot if necessary in such little time. Currently we only have enough for 1-2 hour shoots with other content to gather.
Sponsor Funded Customs

Not able to cover the cost of a custom match? Sponsor funded customs allow others to chip in on the cost to fund the custom. Once the cost of the custom has been met, the custom is ready to be produced. If the cost is not met by the deadline date, then unfortunately the custom will not be produced. 

**Note: Wrestlefan Studio retains the rights to the custom/sponsored video and ability to sell said customs and sponsored matches without any royalty or monetized obligation to custom maker or sponsor. By placing a custom order or sponsoring a match, you agree to these terms.

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