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Wrestlefan Studio is a fantasy/fetish-based company that produces fantasy wrestling featuring, male vs male, female vs male, female vs female videos. We create a variety of scenarios, always telling a story and leaving the mind for imagination!

We focus on the "fantasy" and role play side of wrestling. Safety is a priority while we strive to maintain a fun, friendly and open environment.

We have performed anywhere from fantasy pro-style, one-sided, semi-competitive, mixed wrestling and custom matches.

*Please note that not all of the models featured here are professionally trained wrestlers. They are very good at creating the fantasy images and videos actions found on this site. Many have years and years of experience. Also note that we do NOT permit nudity, sexual content, or actual physical violent scenes.

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    Want to create your own match or video? You can do so using our custom video option! All you need to send us is:

    • Pick your wrestler(s) *(based on availabilty)*
    • Length of video - 5 min or 10-12 minutes
    • BRIEF to the point storyline and outcome
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    WF 52: Handicap Match 4 w/Constance and Greasy Rose

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